The last people on Earth are comprised of scoundrels, thieves, priests, and businessmen unknowingly choosing a side within the Divinity Wars. Whether it is good or evil, or a puppet for both, these souls have little time before all is cleansed.

True Mystic
The Mystic comes from a long line of ancestors that eventually lead back to the soldiers blessed by the Great Divinity. He is able to provide an edge in the battle against Hell and its nefarious servants, using time, the elements, and superhuman power to turn the wicked tide.



Servant to one of the eight circles of Hell, the Kultist has fallen to the feet of daemons, devils and the lords of darkness. He has traded in his compassion, hope and love for daemonic investments, greed, and death. To fuel his power, the Kultist needs to capture the human soul from a dying body.

Founded by the eldest of Mystics, the corporations of the Zone were constructed to battle the circles of Hell. Weapon manufacturers, science facilities, and contracting companies all funded and run by those attempting to save humanity. At some point, daemon and Kultist influence corrupted some of these institutions, cause a schism within the Zone.

These products of weaponized experimentation and the influence of hellish circles are nothing more than humans installed with machines and electronics. Yet, they have become the evolutionary call for humans without mystical powers or the attention of daemons. Absolute perfection with an incredible price tag.



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