Obsidian: The Age of Judgement
In the year 2027, at the stroke of midnight, the portals of Hell opened on Earth, unleashing millions of daemons to destroy nearly everything that mankind had accomplished through labor, knowledge and spirit. After almost three centuries of brutal and constant struggles, mankind has finally managed to regain a sliver of its past.

The Zone
Both the first and the last city on Earth since Hell opened, the Zone has become a technological feat- a testimony to the will of mankind. This sealed structure rises into the stratosphere and covers 22 square miles of broken Earth. Protected by steel and the blessings of a greater being, nothing gets in and only the exiled are given leave into the wasteland, never to return.

The Wasteland
Circling the magnificent Zone is the relentless wasteland. This unforgiving environment is home to criminals, the unwanted, and daemons from every circle of Hell. Further from the Zone, the Earth begins to corrupt, slowly transforming into manifestations of Hell’s own landscapes, known as Terraformations.

Obsidian: The Age of Judgement - The New Flesh